What is Gifts from the Heart all about?

DEMO works with other organizations and people to create practical solutions to the issues that affect individuals and families in our own local communities – issues like hunger, poverty and poor health. The “gifts” in our catalogue highlight the issues facing many families in Haliburton County and show things that DEMO does every day through its programs. Or that we want to be able to do right here in Haliburton County. (Yes there are people here who can’t afford heat, or baby food, or even a nutritious meal!)

This gift catalogue contains items that symbolically represent our work. You are not purchasing the actual items listed in the catalogue, but instead you are making a contribution that supports all of DEMO’s integrated work, not one specific thing or project. Your donation will be used where the need is greatest. When you buy baby food for a friend or loved one, you are not actually buying jars of baby food. Although food is an important part of many of our programs, we know that food is only part of the solution to the problems of hunger, poverty and poor health. Also, to truly create change that will last for generations, we must not simply give things away (food, fuel, clothing or money), but instead provide people with the knowledge and support they need to change their lives for themselves.

If you buy a “Gift from the Heart,” it is not a handout. These gifts are about providing people, families and communities with the tools they need to transform their lives — permanently. Think of it as a hand up. It allows people to shape their future and their children’s future and to change their world for generations to come. That’s the power you’ll release in their world, each and every time you buy a Gift from the Heart! Our Catalogue gives people who want to contribute:

  1. a way to understand the issues facing those who benefit from our services and
  2. a concrete way to contribute to the healing, health and safety of their community through their gifts to our organization.

What is ethical giving?

Ethical giving is about giving a gift that truly matters, a gift that brings with it hope and change. Ethical gifts carry power and meaning. Change your community, and change lives – with one gift. A gift that means a healthy pregnancy and thriving baby, or heat for a family, a successful transition to school, or a sense of belonging for a child. When you give a Gift from the Heart, your dollars go to real projects and programs in Haliburton County — and these gifts change real lives. 100% of your contribution will go directly into DEMO programs and you’ll know that you’ve made an investment in programs that offer real solutions and not short term fixes. However your gift is used, you can rest assured that your generosity is going to change lives forever.

Will you give me a gift card to send?

When you buy one of these unique gifts, we will send you a card that you can write your own message in and give to your family member, friend or colleague. At the time you choose the gift item, you will also be able to select the card that you would like to receive so that it reflects the occasion of the gift.

Will I get a charitable receipt?

Yes, DEMO is a registered charity #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and your gift is considered a donation. You will receive a charitable receipt for any and all gifts purchased.

This is such a great idea! I know another organization that would love to have a gift catalogue … will you share?
Yes … we’d love to. Community Gift Shop (www.communitygiftshop.com) has everything an organization needs to set up their own online and print gift catalogues.